Hackaday Sci-Fi 2017 Contest 2017

Hackaday Sci-Fi 2017 Contest

For makers, hackers, and lovers of all things Science Fiction and cosplay, the Hackaday Sci-Fi 2017 Contest is officially underway and accepting submissions!

The Hackaday Sci-Fi 2017 Contest submissions are due by 9 pm March 6, 2017.

Submissions must be electronic projects with a Sci-Fi or Cosplay-type theme.

Winners will be judged on: Uniqueness, Project Documentation, and Completion.

For full contest details and information visit Hackaday.io

For the contest, we are offering 15% off all orders of the Morai Motion Inline Nexus micro linear actuator.

From now until March 1, use code HACKSCIFI at checkout.Bring your Hackaday Sci-Fi 2017 Contest project to life with Morai Motion micro linear actuators! Save 15% off with code: HACKSCIFI

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