We fully believe in our responsibility to the environment and are careful not to take advantage of our valuable resources for the sake of business. For this reason, we have made the environmental commitment to choose a distribution center that also aligns with our values.* 

Environmental Commitment

The center we chose to manage the care and shipping of our USA based products incorporates these sustainable practices:

  • Only use new recycled paper for packing slips. This not only reduces the amount of natural resources used, but also keeps specific chemicals out of the watershed.
  • 99% of what is brought in to the facility is recycled or reused within the warehouse operation.
  • Operate on green power purchased through a local utility, and use eco-friendly lighting throughout the facility.
  • Use of electric forklifts that run on green power. There are no noxious fumes to penetrate the warehouse, environment or products.
  • Products are shipped in brand-new recycled boxes. By doing this, we are able to save small forests each year.
  • All office/packing and warehouse supplies are purchased locally. No one has to use up packing supplies to ship us packing supplies.
  • When we invoice, it’s electronic, not paper. Enough paper is saved to produce over 5,000 average elementary school textbooks per year.

*Not all our products are stored in this USA based center. Our other center is based in China. No matter where your products are kept, we are constantly striving to source from the most reputable companies as well as practice and improve on sustainable conditions.