14 Electronic DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

14 Electronic DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get your love-maker maker-lover this Valentine’s Day? Here are 14 electronic DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas to get those creative love juices flowing! 

Scroll down and you’ll see we’ve separated them into Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, him and projects that even the little ones can make. Many of the DIY gift ideas for girls and guys could be made for either or, so you’ll notice some of the same ones in each section with a few differences.

For example, if one were to make the Infamous Randofo’s “Clap-Off Bra”, that would technically be a gift for oneself, but hey, if you want to make if for her, go right ahead. Who it’s for… well, that’s not for us to decide. But we all know who the Good Morning Alarm Panties are for! Then there is the Realistic Anatomic Beating Heart for the gore-lovers, which could be for him, her or anyone – plus it can be re-used for a Halloween prop.

Technically, there are 15 electronic DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but one of them, the Heart Beat Sensor, is not a complete gift idea. It’s more like the start to an idea. You could use this sensor to place into something wearable for yourself, your lover or both of you (aww matchy matchy). That way the depth of your love will always be known and on display.

Scroll through the electronic DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for inspiration, grab your tools and get making something special for your snicker-doodle!

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Electronic DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Gals

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