One Bridge to Rule Them All

  By: Lasse Jespersen When you are building anything that requires a micro linear actuator to go BOTH ways, such as raising or lowering a table, or pushing or pulling a deadbolt in order to lock a door, you can use the mechanical relay. It works well enough for simple applications. Over time, however, their… Continue reading One Bridge to Rule Them All

CNC Machine Robotics

By: Cory Hunter Whether in large-scale industrial manufacturing, or in the avid hobbyist’s home, the presence of CNC machine robotics has changed the face of production and design. Stated simply, CNC or Computer Numeric Control is a process that involves the use of computers to control machining tools. Certain tools like grinders, routers, lathes and… Continue reading CNC Machine Robotics

Home is Where the Heart Is

By: Lasse Jespersen In home automation, individual controller units that respond to infrared control, light changes, temperature, motion, PIN entry or NFC/RFID scans are perfectly fine. These light-weight DIY projects are compact, simple and easily scalable. But in the interest of convenience, they should all be connected to a central hub. Home is where the… Continue reading Home is Where the Heart Is

Child Proofing Your Home Using Micro Linear Actuators and Keypads

By: Lasse Jespersen A nice and comfortable way to child proof your home using micro linear actuators and keypads involves nothing more than membrane switch keypads of the generic variant and a Morai Motion Inline Nexus micro linear actuator. Google for “4×3 membrane switch keypad” and you will not want for results. Unless mounted inside a waterproof case, their application is… Continue reading Child Proofing Your Home Using Micro Linear Actuators and Keypads


  By: Cory Hunter Few applications of robotics technologies are as exciting as seeing two combat-ready machines duking it out on live television. What was once relegated to the realms of science fiction has quickly taken a place in pop culture, formally under the brand name BattleBots. Here you will see all kinds of robots,… Continue reading BattleBots

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Access Control System with NFC

By: Lasse Jespersen Considering the vulnerability of standard North-American locks, using a key alone does not secure your home safely. Adding an access control system with NFC will add an extra level of security that should deter would-be thieves. Here we will go over how to set that system up using a micro linear actuator as… Continue reading Access Control System with NFC

Home Automation

By: Cory Hunter Linear actuators are widely used throughout a variety of industrial and commercial applications. They can be used to shift work tables on industrial machines, move printer and scanner heads, or drive robotics systems. Most automatic lifts, shovels, and other construction equipment are driven using linear actuator technology, as well as most audio… Continue reading Home Automation