5 Green Projects for St. Patrick’s Day

5 Green Tech Projects for St. Patrick's Day

Are you feeling lucky? How about techy? Why not try your luck with one of these green tech projects for St. Patrick’s Day!

1. drinkerBot 

The drinkerBot by littleBits is the perfect way to serve up a selection of green-colored drinks (note: does not work with carbonated beverages).

Cups travel along a conveyor belt, while a companion web app pours pre-designed specialty cocktail, a DIY concoction, or a surprising mixture.

For instructions on how to make it, visit littleBits.cc

For more advanced robotic bartender ideas, check out this Arduino blog post for inspiration.

2. Green LED Clover Wearable Clip

You can’t go through St. Paddy’s day without a green clover… it’s just wrong. Instead of some generic dollar store doo-dad, why not DIY?

For instructions on how to make your own LED clover, visit Thingiverse.com

3. DIY Green Solar Plane

This green-colored, solar-powered plane is the perfect, all-encompassing combo of green tech projects for St. Patrick’s Day!

Designed and built by students at Newman Smith High School (Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District [CFBISD]) in Carrollton, Texas. Building this solar plane project is a great way to get into green energy, R/C, planes, electronics, aerospace, or just about anything else tech-related.

For instructions on how to make this solar plane, check out the step-by-step instructions at Instructables.com

For another “green” (as in Eco) related project, try your luck with our team’s Solar Tracker project build.

4. DIY EL Wire St. Paddy’s Day Hat

To match your DIY LED clover, now you’ll need a hat to match. It’s affordable, quick, and simple to make – you could be done before you finish your first green beer!

For instructions on how to make this easy EL wire hat project, go to Instructables.com

For more EL wire projects, have a look through Instructables.com curated list.

5. For the Kids: Remote Control Leprechaun Trap

No one likes to have their gold stolen! Help your kids keep out greedy little, sticky-fingered leprechauns with this remote-controlled trap.

For instructions on how to make this easy little leprechaun trap, visit littleBits.cc

For the very young, they can still participate in STEM-related green tech projects for St. Patrick’s Day by changing flowers from white to green. Instructions and science explained at HomeScienceTools.com

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